Aranyakas is the name given to forest dwellers.
In ancient India, spiritual and medicinal wisdom was shared by the sages. There are certain natural elements which only could be learnt in forests.

We look at sourcing medicinal and herbal plants from the forest dwellers, also farmers to encourage them with another aspect of earning a living. This becomes additional revenue and the burden of earning only through farming is lessened.

We are looking at learning and sharing knowledge as we move along from forests to farms reviving dying knowledge, learning from the locals about their natural habitat, their techniques of farming, cooking, and some home remedies.

Due to lack of knowledge we are losing some priceless medicinal trees and shrubs as they are being cut down in ignorance for making way for housing and other projects. The older generation are more in sync with nature and its healing powers. We encourage the farmers and tribal people to plant medicinal trees as additional income.

Our endeavour is to bring the wellness and experience of nature to the urban population. To help people reconnect once again to nature through Aranyakas The Forest Dwellers.

We also collaborate with local NGOs to bring about consistency and stability in our projects.