• Nanu Farms, Goa

    Nanu Farms, a tribute to tradition, they follow the age old practices of sustainable farming.

    They believe in processing products using traditional techniques and organically grown products.

    We at Aranyakas collaborated with Nanu Farms, Goa, bringing the purest form of unique organically processed products it their purest forms, such as dried Tulsi leaves, dried Bacopa Monnerie leaves, a candy made of a shell of a nutmeg and nutrition filled coconut jaggery and more. We bring to you a combination of hand-picked dried leaves that make for an infusion that not only soothes your body but, calms your mind and soul, while you sip on reading the book Aranyakas The Forest Dwellers!

  • Pinqatra By Mokshita

    Pinqatra offers a wide and varied array of home furnishings, ranging from bed linens and table textiles to furnishing accessories like crochet curtain tie backs, throws, cushion covers and more. They collaborate with Jaipur's local artisans, block printers and craftsmen who specialise in handmade products.

    We at, Aranyakas collaborated with Pinqatra by Mokshita Singh to create a product that connects with our audience and allows them to have a piece of nature stationed in their homes. In the Aranyakas, The Forest Dwellers gift box, Mokshita presents here carefully hand-crafted Tea Napkins by local artisans along with our medley of forest infusions that you can sip on while reading this book.